Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply? (Entries will be available the first working day in July)

The student will need to complete a set of application problems and have them to the MAWA office by the set deadline. There is no need to contact the office for follow up, provided the student has ensured that their contact information is on their submission. The problems are then marked and depending on how the student performs, they may be offered a place in the following year’s program. There is no cost for applying.


What if I've studied the course before?

Existing WAMPSP students can re-enrol from September

There is no need to contact the office for follow up, we will send you details provided the contact information you provided is up-to-date.


You may be invited

Students who perform at an exceptionally high level in the AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition) will be invited to enrol in the following year’s program. If you have not been contacted following an excellent result in your AMC, please ask the office for more information.

Click here to request an application for WAMPSP

Click here to re-enrol for WAMPSP

Click here if you have a copy of your AMC and did not receive and invite 

Moodle is the means of communication between staff and students and their parents.

The WAMPSP teachers use Moodle to set class assignments; upload lesson materials and inform parents and students on their course.

All students and parents can have access to Moodle.

Your username and password will be generated at the start of the school year. This is communicated at Parent Information Evenings and/or via the email provided on your enrolment form.

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