For general inquiries about the program please contact


Mailing address:

12 Cobbler Pl
Mirrabooka  WA  6061

Mail or messages sent to other addresses cannot be guaranteed to reach us.

Teachers’ email addresses for direct student contact:

Euler Central 1 & 2 (Wednesday)

Euler Online 1 (Saturday)

Euler Online 2 (Thursday)

Gauss Online 1 (Tuesday)

Gauss Online 2 (Tuesday)

Gauss Central (Thursday)

Newton Central 1 & 2 (Tuesday)

Newton Online 1 (Monday) & Newton Online 2 (Tuesday)

Newton Bunbury

Noether Online 1 & 2 (Tuesday)

Praeger Bunbury

Praeger Central 1 & 2 (Monday)

Praeger North Metro (Tuesday)

Praeger Online 1 (Saturday)

Praeger Online 2 (Wednesday)

Ploya Online (Tuesday)

Please note that almost all our communication with parents is through email and our Moodle pages.

Once enrolled in the program students and their parents will be invited to join WAMPSP Moodle pages. These will provide additional information and means of contact.

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